The Grand Mosque Tour !

The virtual tour guide Abu Dhabi is a periodic article that comes to you with information and details about a new place in Abu Dhabi enhances with photos every time. and today we start with a tour inside Grand Mosque:

1. Mosque was founded by his highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan the former president of the UAE

2. Mosque construction started in 1998 and ends in March 2008.

3. The first prayer was held in December 2007.

4. Mosque meant to be a distinct center to share the tolerant spirit of Islam and he real values of civilization and moderate culture

5. Mosque is considered the fourth biggest mosque in the world.

6. Mosque expands to 7000 persons inside in addition to 40000 outside.

7. The four minarets of the mosque which stand in the four corners of the outer courtyard are 107 meters per each and all are covered with fine white marble!

8. Mosque has 80 domes, and one length is 83 meters.

9. Mosque library stores more than 3000 books and documents in 12 different languages.

10. AED was the budget for mosque construction!

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